Grooming Practice With Olivia Marzuki on Proffesional Image Class Cover

Grooming Practice With Olivia Marzuki on Proffesional Image Class

Proffesional Image merupakan salah satu mata kuliah wajib di ATVI. Semester IV konsenterasi  Jurnalistik  ATVI baru saja mendapatkan mata  kuliah tersebut. Ada yang berbeda dan spesial dari pelaksanaan kuliah yang berdurasi 3 SKS ini yakni  hadirnya News Anchor CNN Indonesia Olivia Marzuki, sebagai  dosen tamu, pada Jumat (5/5/2017).

Dihadapan  19 orang mahasiswa, Olivia Marzuki menyampaikan kuliah tentang teknik grooming dengan lancer dan penuh semangat.  Grooming sendiri merupakan salah satu hal penting terkait  penampilan seseorang dari ujung kepala sampai ujung kaki. Dalam disiplin ilmu penyiaran.terutama bagi seorang News Anchor, penampilan patut untuk diperhatikan.

Grooming Practice With Olivia Marzuki on Proffesional Image Class 1

Dalam kesempatan ini,  Redaksi  Warta ATVI berhasil mewawancarainya tentang aplikasi  grooming dalam kehidupannya. 

Berikut liputannya:

1.  Seberapa pentingkah Grooming menurut anda?

Grooming is very important to me personally because of my profession as a news anchor and presenter. My job requires me to physically appear perfect on screen and that is the work demand (tuntutan pekerjaan) for everyone working in the broadcast industry.

However, grooming is important for everybody else in general. Grooming simply means looking after yourself, starting from washing your face and brushing your teeth in the morning to putting on night cream before you sleep. 

Understanding grooming techniques will help you maintain pleasant appearance and boost self confidence about yourself.

2.  Apa sih Tips Grooming yang sudah menjadi ciri khas anda sehari-hari?

Personally, my trademark is false lashes (bulu mata palsu). I always wear these every day and every where: golf, gym and of course work.

I always remind all my news anchor friends to wear false lashes before on air. Often times they are lazy to wear then but I always insist that they wear them. So I guess for that reason, everyone at work knows me as Miss Bulu Mata.

Also, I always tell everybody to put on moisturizer on their face (Night cream before bed and sun block during the day). It's important to keep our skin healthy and moisturized because it's what people first see in us.

3.  Bagaimana kesan anda saat sharing mengenai Grooming di kelas Professional Image Jurnalis ATVI?

I loved it! I think the students are great fun and extremely attentive. They all are bring young people who are willing to learn. They listened intently to the grooming material that I deliver and I'm sure they all will be successful in their future career in broadcast.

Well, thats the grooming impression by her, the last she remind students that the visual apperance shapes the first impression of the audience in our industry, we are judged based on our look, but still be yourself and be a better version of you by keep practicing good grooming, specially we can learn it from Olivia Marzuki Grooming Learning Center.


By: Nathalia Surya